St. Edward New Evangelization Lessons

(Grades 1-5)

Elementary NE (Grades 1-5) – March 3, 2021


At-Home Study & Assignment


1. Please read the attached Verse of the Week for Sunday, February 28, 2021.

2. Can you believe we’re already into the second week of Lent?  How are you doing on your three pillars of Lent…Prayer, Fasting & Almsgiving?  In this week’s lesson I’d like to focus on Fasting.  Giving up something for Lent can be a good way to help you focus on what Jesus gave up for us – his life!  Maybe you’ve decided to give up sweets, or maybe binge watching TV or video games?  I know it can be hard, but remember this:

  • This extra time can help us make room for God

    • maybe you can spend time reading your bible

    • or spending more time praying together as a family

    • attending/watching livestream of Stations of the Cross (Friday evenings during Lent). Here is the link:

    • making a card for someone who is lonely and let them know you’re thinking of them

    • perform random acts of kindness…within your own family (give an extra hug, compliment your brother/sister on something they said or did, etc.)

3. It was hard for Jesus too, fasting 40 days and nights in the desert.  For some of you 40 days is a pretty long time, maybe try your Fasting activity for a day or even a week.   

4. You may be tempted, Jesus was tempted too.  Help each other during these times when you’re tempted.  You can do it!!


Here is a video about the season of Lent and Fasting.


Blessings to you all on this Lenten Journey. 

Elementary NE (Grades 1-5) – February 10, 2021


At-Home Study & Assignment


Please read the attached Verse of the Week for Sunday, February 7, 2021 and do the reflection and activity.


Parents:  Lent is quickly approaching.  Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent.  This is a great time to slow down and focus on Jesus’ sacrifice for all of us.  As you help your children prepare for the season of Lent, remind them that Lent lasts for 40 days because that is how long Jesus wandered in the desert, fasting, while he resisted Satan’s temptations.  Explain that we too have an opportunity, during the forty days of Lent to be like Jesus.  We too can resist temptation and use this time to become closer to God.  We can do this by preparing ourselves through acts of prayer, fasting and almsgiving/charity.


The second attachment above is the  “My Lenten Promise” sheet.  This is a great activity for the entire family to help us all prepare our hearts, minds and bodies for the season of Lent.


REMINDER - Next week, Wednesday, February 17th is Ash Wednesday.  Please join us as a family for Mass at 6:30.  Social distancing guidelines continue to be followed.

Elementary NE (Grades 1-5) – January 20, 2021


At-Home Study & Assignment


Please read the attached Verse of the Week for Sunday, January 17, 2021 and do the reflection.


On Monday, we celebrated the life and legacy of the great Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK).  MLK was a preacher in addition to being a civil rights activist.  He was also a man who loved God and understood that we are all loved just the same by God.  This week’s lesson is taken from and continues MLKs message of love with a focus on the 2nd greatest commandment, to love your neighbor as yourself.  See below.


  1. There are a lot of versus about loving our neighbor.  See Mark 12:28-34; Leviticus 19:18, Matthew 7:12, Matthew 19:19; Matthew 22: 36-40; Romans 13: 8-10 and Galatians 5:14.

  2. How does God say we should love our neighbors.  

  3. God wants us to love our neighbors like we love our self.  What do you think God means by that?

  4. You want to keep yourself happy, right?  And you take care of what you need.  When you are thirsty you drink water and when you are hungry you eat food.  We show love to others by helping them be happy and by taking care of their needs. 

  5. Print the “do you love your neighbor worksheet” attached above

  6. In the center circle is you (child) and the next circle is your immediate family.  Your immediate family is your first circle of ‘neighbors’.  Think of the name of one person in your family to whom you can show love.  Write their name inside the ‘immediate family’ circle.  

  7. Thinking about the name of the person you wrote down, what are some ways you can show them love?   Write down one way you can show love to this family member inside the ‘immediate family’ circle.

  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 for the remaining circles, extended family, neighborhood, classmates, church and community/city.    

The goal of this lesson is to share ideas for how you can live out the second greatest commandment. 



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