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New Evangelization Registration


Registration Information:

  1. Register for New Evangelization Classes online at:

Please enter your child(ren)'s school name in the "Notes" section.

​2. After registering online, fill out these 2 forms and bring them, along with payment, to St. Edward Parish. 


Class Information for Wednesday evenings:

Grades 1-5 meet from 5:45-6:50pm 

Grades 6-8 have the option of meeting from 5:45-6:50pm or 7:00-8:10pm 

Grades 9-11 meet from 7:00-8:10pm

23-24 Liability Form

23-24 NE Fees Form

23-24 NE Class Schedule

Please contact us below if you have any questions. 

NE Contact Form

Thanks for submitting!

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